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Stijn is a 26 year old photographer focusing on action and lifestyle photography. He is openminded, passionate, eager and possess an attention for detail. Moreover he expresses great passion for sports, nature and the joy of life. Hence photography fits him like a glove.


Stijn uses methods that represent warmth and calm feelings.

By knowing how work with different sources of natural light he is able to preserve the image as it appears and captures the beauty within.


He reveals his passions by having collaborated with Lapoint surfcamps, WWF youth program and YOW surfskate.


He always find an opportunities to shoot a beautiful photo that may become a lifelong memory.


Are you in search for a meaningful, pure campaign or other? He will lift that project to the next level.

More info?
Download my portfolio kit!


Stijn Bastiaan Veldhuizen



KVK: 81873395


YOW, WWF youth, Lapoint surfcamps, Protest, O'neill, Rip Curl,  Dick Moby, Kuyichi, Enter The Wave.

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